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Green Business Hosting Initiatives For Your Business
By EthanLuke
The growing concern for environmental and climate change in recent years has many industries and businesses searching for new “green” initiatives that not only minimize their carbon footprints, but save their bottom line from getting burned. Viable green initiatives are a new but necessary implementation that will help determine who will flourish or flop in the digital age.

Most industries are slow to adopt green initiatives because they are worried about compromising the quality of their services during such a transition, or they just don’t know where to begin. With most progressive companies conduct online these days, a good place to start implementing green initiatives is with a web hosting service. A company renowned for its quality service, Rochen Performance Hosting, is working and investing heavily on new green initiatives in its web hosting services. Their green initiatives consist of carbon offsetting, as well as improvements in technology and processes.

Offsetting emissions through updating to ‘green-friendly’ technology and processes is can initially be expensive, but you will save in the long-term. Rochen has a long-term game plan to reduce the emissions on a per client basis across all operations through improved technology for more power efficient computer processes, like AMD’s Opteron High Efficiency (HE) line of CPUs. Currently, the carbon emissions generated by delivering service to clients today are less than they cost a year ago. This adds up across an entire data system.

Offsetting emissions through partnering with green-friendly companies is another great step for any business. Rochen is partnered with Green Mountain Energy, provider of cleaner energy and carbon offsetting solutions, to purchase 25 metric tons of carbon

credits to offset the emissions of its hosting operations. As a result of this partnership, Green Mountain Energy is able to invest in renewable sources of energy, including wind, solar and biomass facilities. Rochen’s funding also helps GME support reforestation projects with Pacific Forest Trust.

For every amp of power used to run a server in a data center, it takes another amp of power to run the climate control systems to cool it off. Rochen has been working to reduce the amount of power consumed in its cooling operations in several different ways. They have installed filler panels in all the cabinet slots that are not actually filled by servers. Rochen was also able to reduce the average aire temperature of the data center floor by two degrees Fahrenheit without compromise by using a new and green rackmount system chassis that improved air flow. Other technologies were incorporated, like raised flooring and perforated tiles throughout the facility, to lower the overall consumption.

For any company to compete in the changing landscape of today’s climate, it is vital they transition into more environmentally-friendly operations. A can begin with choosing a progressive and environmentally-aware company, like Rochen Performance Hosting. Rochen Performance Hosting is recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as an environmentally friendly company for its work in carbon emission offsetting, increased efficiency in operations and technology, and their commitment to continual improvement. The UNEP now hosts their Conservation Commons website with Rochen. If you chose Rochen to host your web site, you can place a Green Hosting Seal on your web site to showcase that you are taking green initiatives to offset any emissions generated by the site.
Ethan Luke. green hosting - For environment friendly hosting coupled with high performance and first class support, contact Rochen Host.


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