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Choosing Business Management School (mba Institutes) For Executive Mba Programs
By K.Harry
The Executive MBA, commonly referred to as the EMBA, is designed specifically to help working professionals, managers and executives by giving a professional touch to their already acquired work skills. The Executive MBA is geared towards professionals who are looking to update their general management skills and prepare themselves for career advancement opportunities.
What really sets the executive MBA apart from many other MBA programs is the level of experience and insights that students bring to the program. In most Executive MBA programs, the students' professional experience and expertise becomes an integral part of the curriculum. The Executive MBA is typically completed during the evenings or on weekends over a two-year period. The Executive MBA truly offers a level of education not obtained in any other setting.
A majority of top executives, worldwide, feel that earning a graduate degree in is important for those who want to obtain top management positions. MBA today is not just another qualification; it is a necessity as the world moves towards a more corporate and service-oriented economy. An MBA not only ensures your employment, but also ensures your success and marketability in an ever-evolving job market.
The Bangalore Management Academy (BMA), located in the beautiful garden city of India called Bangalore, offers an executive MBA program in affiliation with Australia’s Edith Cowan University (ECU). We offer our students:

Excellent infrastructure
Centrally located, Modern and Spacious campus
Well equipped labs and library
Experienced faculty
Unparalleled track record for internships and placements

Bangalore Management Academy (BMA) is a leading Management Institution in India delivering quality higher education to ambitious students striving to be a success in the corporate world. Since the first collaboration with Bharathidasan Institute of Management, BMA has tied up with new and exciting partnerships with top most universities in India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and UK.
BMA's Executive MBA program focuses on providing students with training in basic principles needed by any manager including, corporate finance, economics, strategic planning, marketing, basic accounting, etc. The subjects that are taught at BMA are current, relevant and case study based. The specializations offered include Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, Hospitality & Tourism, International and HRM.
The Executive MBA at BMA is also an ideal networking opportunity. BMA provides opportunities to the executives to interact with respected leaders and community leaders of India apart from interacting with classmates from varied industry backgrounds. The connections that are made while earning an MBA are definitely as valuable as the degree itself.
What are the benefits of BMA-ECU Executive MBA program?

The MBA is a full time certification; the classes are in the Weekend.
Faculty are high-end, predominantly from the Industry holding key decision making positions capable of teaching mature, experienced adults.
The class comprises of students who are self-motivated, focused managers.
100% faculty contact program with the teaching mode being a combination of case studies,

projects, assignments, interactions and lectures. The exposure is truly based on experiences rather than on textbook reading.
Ideal class size of 30-40 students encouraging meaningful participation from every candidate.
A short but sufficient program delivered over a period ranging 24 months. Classes conveniently spread over Sundays over 8 hours.
Well laid out campus with excellent facilities like central Air-conditioning, theatre style seating, hi-end audio-visual equipment, WiFi connectivity and corporate ambience.
The library is digitally equipped with more than 1200 current journals, 10,000 e-books, talking books, online subscriptions to world-class digital libraries and magazines, CD servers, access to DELNET, IIM libraries, The British Council Library and other excellent facilities apart from the traditional library resources like books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers etc.
The program is priced in such a manner that your return on investment is almost immediate.
The university is well recognized and accepted by the Industry and various other bodies.

About Edith Cowan University (ECU)
Edith Cowan University (ECU) is a Government University from Australia and is today Western Australia's second largest university with more than 23,000 students from about 80 countries. ECU started as a teaching college in 1902 and is named after Edith Dircksey Cowan - Australia's first female Parliamentarian and a fighter for social justice.
ECU awards are recognized nationally and internationally, because of rigorous accreditation procedures used by the University, and consultation with professional and vocational groups. ECU is a member of the National Unified System of Australian Universities, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee. Universities throughout the world recognize ECU programs for exchange purposes. ECU MBA has the unique distinction of being rated 5 Star by the Good Universities Guide (GUG) for the past three consecutive years.
How do the students' organisation benefit?
The benefit a student derives also benefits the organization / sponsors, but in addition:

An organization gets to develop managerial talent from within its own pool.
The syllabus and interactive sessions pave way to several work related projects and case studies that provide immediate on-the-job benefits.
Employees gain insight into the conceptual, technical, and interpersonal skills required, thus strengthening the leaders of the 21st century.
Minimum disruption in work output as the program is held over the weekend.
The faculty has varied industrial exposure and will be ideal mentors.
Employees have a wonderful peer group of experienced managers and executives from across the industry.
The cost of the program is recovered by employees gaining - a better insight into management, strengthening core skills, exposure to different perspectives on current issues, increased intellect and lower attrition.

Specializations available for the Executive MBA program are:

Human Resource Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Management of Information Technology
General Specialization
The author is a prominent academician and a professor at Bangalore Management Academy (BMA). He has done his Ph. D. in International Business.
Executive MBA | Mba in India


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