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Does Your Business Card Beat The Junk Test?
By Jack William

Business cards are the vital marketing and advertising tools, used by several companies to impress targeted clients. They lend high visual impact and impression on potential clients as compared with other tools. Depending upon your card design and message, either it gets filed for further reference or dumped into the trash. Hence, just pull out your card, apply the following key points and conduct the cards test. You can learn by yourself, either your card will pass or get dumped.

• Size – Make sure that your card complies with the traditional standard size of 3.5” by 2”. Anything bigger in size will not get fit in the wallet or card holder.
• Ink – Fall some droplets of ink on card and if ink runs, it will definitely go in the junk.
• Paper quality – Cheap and perforated edged cards always get dumped.
• Message details

– Your card must clearly portray about your business, and what it offers. If the message is not clearly depicted, your card will be in the trash.
• Color test – Dump your cards if they are only in black and white color or have more than three colors.
• Font size – Is the print and font size of message is too tiny or big that your eyes will not find your card attractive. White space available on the card absorbs your message nicely and if you have more information, you can also add it at the back of card.
• Image match – Your card should coordinate with your professional image. Example- If you have a designing company, more emphasis must be on creativity and innovativeness.
• Contact details – You’re desired customers must have as many as possible ways to have contact with you i.e. card should comprise fax, email, mobile number, website, voicemail etc.
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