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Business Or Politics
By kryssa
22 years ago, I left corporate life to start my own for one central reason. I couldn’t handle the fact that decisions were made, often critical decisions, based on political considerations. In other words, what does the boss think I should think or what does his boss think I should think … or I owe someone a vote on a project because that someone gave me their vote. In this environment, poor decisions are inevitable because political turf and inter-office relationships were more important than the bottom-line results of the company. It was my own living hell.

I have enjoyed a great career and life. As President and CEO of a small, but growing Internet Marketing Services Company, we are completely focused on the bottom line results for our clients as well as our company. Its a perfect circle of sorts.

However a new and much more sinister threat now looms. Its called Washington D.C. Anyone following the daily message sees that it is becoming exceedingly clear that Washington has taken over as the central hub of economic power in the nation and the world. No longer is the fate of our businesses in our hands alone. The failure of the banking system, the financial industry, the auto industry is being met with government responses that have little or no hope of solving anything. It only has one indisputable effect; the economy of the United States is now headquartered in Washington, the political center of the world. As such, decisions involving and industry will be based in politics and not sound and economic thought. Wall Street, Main Street, and Elm Street are all increasingly under the thumb of Washington and few recognize what is happening. We are simply losing more of our liberties almost every single day.

How can I say this? Read what is being passed into law and listen to those who are passing and signing these laws. Here is a short list that anyone will agree was unthinkable just 10 years ago:

1. Government Control and Operation of the Banking System and individual banks is a subject that is on the table and being debated every day.
2. The government owns 80% of AIG, the largest insurer the world has ever seen.
3. The government

owns 40% of Citigroup, the largest financial institution the world has ever seen.
4. Merrill Lynch, the broker for retail investors, has been swallowed up.
5. Government is actually dictating what cars U.S. auto makers will build.
6. Government is seriously establishing criteria that will result in control of the health care system, deciding the circumstances under which you can receive health care.
7. Government is decidedly hostile to capital having the highest taxes in the world.
8. Government is insuring continued dependence on foreign oil. Government is deciding that we will develop solar and wind; however, not a word is being said or done about expanding oil and gas exploration as well nuclear power. This is outrageously dishonest.
9. Government is pursuing policies based on a politically popular notion of “saving the planet” from “global warming” while there is little evidence that global warming is actually a man made phenomenon.
10. Government seeks to quash debate over all issues to limit the public airing of dissenting or opposing views.

These policies, statements and clear trends are both un-American in every sense of what this country stands for and will surely fail as all attempts to quell free markets and control through a centralized government has failed.

It makes me more determined and more passionate than ever about Optimum7 and what we do for and with our clients. Simply, we are in the one arena where hard work, innovation, and fair competition rule. The arena is the internet and the playing grounds are Google, the other search engines, the social media and many other online arenas where we COMPETE fairly for the time and attention of online individuals seeking relevant information to make their daily personal and lives easier.

Will the government and politics interfere with this last bastion of free market capitalism? Your guess is as good as mine. I think, though they may try, the power of the people and the power of the internet will make a final and decisive stand. Freedom and Liberty still live on the internet and in a real sense this is where any semblance of free thought and expression, unfiltered by politics, continues to thrive.
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