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Enhance Your Business Potential With Pay Per Call Technology
By Eric J Ken
Experts suggest that conversion rate through phone leads is higher than data leads. So nowadays, pay per call marketing concept is gaining huge public response. Under this scheme, advertisers & merchants pay only for qualified inbound phone calls. Theoretically, pay per call or click to call is quite similar with pay per click. But unlike pay per click, it offers an alternative for companies, which do not have transactional websites. It works on auction pricing & encourages the potential clients to call instead of click.

In pay per call technology, phone calls use to pass via IVR (interactive voice response system). It is like performance based marketing process. Affiliates, vendors, or merchants assume responsibility for performance as opposed to an advertiser taking full responsibility (as is the case with CPM or flat media buys). Now, let’s have a look upon its approaches:

• Toll free numbers are provided to vendors and affiliates by advertisers. These numbers have comprehensive tracking & call details as well.
• In pay per call medium, visitors enter the entire information into a lead form. Whenever users click the ‘call me now’ button, they are connected to the business.

According to a survey report, approximately 14 million companies do not have own website. So, they miss local search marketing revolution in the United States. So, here comes the alternative as ‘pay per call advertising’. It

is a tasty new type of online advertising. It is a smart amalgamation of search functionality & on the phone interaction. Eventually, it turns into an appealing marketing opportunity for small to medium sized even for the businesses which do not have websites.

In practice, it is also quite simple to understand that making a call to local is better rather than relying on email to ask about product availability, pricing and other details. Experts believe that whoever are performing local search are actually not the traditional searchers. They just wish an interaction so they would prefer calling instead of e-mailing.

Pay per call is a very simple strategy. All you need to define relevant key terms. You have to choose desired categories and geographic areas wherever you want to publish your advertisement. You have to create your ad which will include your company name, address, a short description & a trackable toll free number as well. Undoubtedly, it is not as complicated as it is fetching. A company like upaypercall.com has proved its enormous potential.

Under this process, merchants are never being charged in unethical way. They use to charge only on the CPA basis. They can access and analyze call pattern statistics and entire call tracking information and ensure themselves that they are not being extra charged. So, the bottom line is, “dialing for dollars equals more qualified local leads”.
For more info about Pay Per Call Advertising, Pay Per Call, Pay Per Call Services, Click to Call you can visit- upaypercall.com


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