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How To Build A Team To Expand Your Business
By Bizymoms.com Management
wEvery owner dreams of a booming and expanding business. However expansion of a means you need to bring in new people. While big businesses and organizations have a HR (human resources) team in place to take care of hiring and recruiting new employees, the responsibility of searching, interviewing and hiring new people lies with the small owner. Suddenly you are in the hot seat meeting and talking to people and you realize hiring and building your dream team is a complicated affair. Add to that comes the realization that if you end up hiring the wrong set of people your can suffer irrevocable damage.

Even if you have done your homework, consulted HR specialists, read up all the information you could find on the subject, taken suggestions from all and sundry you can be sure of one thing – bad hires happen. While some may say you make the best of what you have got, others might prefer repeating the process with new people. However it takes a lot of time, effort and money to do it again and again.

If you are an entrepreneur looking at expanding your by hiring and building a team here is what you should know on how to build a team –

· Determine the areas where you need to hire – One of the first things that you need to do is to first identify all the areas where you need help. Your need could be with administrative tasks or with marketing and sales or someone in customer service. No point in hiring without knowing your needs first.

· Match personalities, skills and qualifications – Once you have identified the areas where you need help, you need to make a list of personalities, skills and qualifications that will suit the job profile the best. So for example if you are looking to hire someone to take over customer service then the kind of person who will suit the job profile should be someone with a pleasing personality, soft spoken, polite, a problem solver etc.

· Avoid the you chief, me chief, everybody chief situation – Be specific about the top brass; if you have too many heads of state its going to lead to lawlessness. Not to mention ego tussles, high package demands and misuse of power. If there is a demand for a position such as that of a VP only then take on someone. Else the can do just fine with you in the top position.

· Don’t hire in anticipation or too much in advance – Unless

you are absolutely certain that in the very immediate future the is going to need extra hands and employees put off the hiring process.

· Hire on need alone basis – Taking off from the above point, hire people only to the tune of what you need. You certainly don’t have the money to waste around, so be prudent and wise about how much you hire. Besides, managing a smaller work force is easier and because there will always be work, no one will be paid for idling away time.

· A go-getter always – You are motivated because it is your and if you want the same then your best option is to go with the go-getters. Hire people who display problem solving abilities, people who don’t always go by the book but know how to get the job done. Knowing you approve is compensation enough for them.

· Professional and social skills – While you need people who are professional and know how to do their jobs well, social skills are just as important. I mean if you are going to be working together then you need people with whom you share certain chemistry or a bonding of some kind. To motivate and lead people, should first accept you beyond just someone who pays their salaries. And for that to happen you should hire people who share personal and professional goals alike.

· Build tribes – Some people just click, just like that. And when that happens work improves and benefits tremendously. If you can hire and take such people into your team then working and moving together will be a dream. A sense of camaraderie and unity is what you and your team should aspire to build.

· Be just and generous in rewarding – Your employees work for you and while they do get paid a salary at the end of the month there are times when you need to recognize and appreciate their contributions beyond what you pay them. For a job well done a few good words of praise or accolades does wonders to the spirit and it also goes to show that you are aware. If possible work a little bonus or a gift into your praise. This will keep your staff motivated and willing to work hard at all times.

· Know when to give and when to hold back – A good employer is one who knows when to sympathize and share and when to be a taskmaster. And yes, you can be both. The trick is to know when to draw the line. Make sure your employees know you are there for them but cannot and should not take you for granted.
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